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Creative Destruction

In Commentary on August 8, 2009 at 9:19 pm

(Note: This is a re-post of an essay that was originally published on another, now-defunct website last March.)

I’ve always been one part anarchist, one part egalitarian, so nothing fills me with greater glee than seeing the manifestations and symbols of corporatism and authoritarianism come crashing down. This is a exciting time for folks like me because the Internet is rewriting all of the rules of all of the games, replacing corporate and governmental control with an unrestrained democracy and freedom. As the music industry and the publishing industry stumble and come crashing down, you might imagine the anarchist in me sitting on the sidelines with a big tub of popcorn, laughing and smiling and enjoying the show, while the egalitarian in me cheers for the new opportunities everyone has to express themselves creatively. Read the rest of this entry »


Does Indie Nation Have Talent?

In Commentary on June 11, 2009 at 1:54 pm

(This is an article that I published on another site last month. It received such a surprisingly positive response that I had to repost it in this blog.)

Today, I want to revisit an objection to self-publishing that I hear quite often: that only losers and quitters (I myself have been called both those names) self-publish or start their own publishing companies. If I had any talent at all, the argument goes, I’d be able to find an agent to represent me and a real publisher to publish my work. Oh yes, it may take years to find both an agent and a publisher, but if I really think that my work is worth reading, then I should keep at it and not quit (i.e. don’t self-publish). This is an objection that has been refuted a number of times elsewhere on the web, but there’s an underlying assumption in this objection that is often overlooked, and it’s that assumption that I want to address in this post. Read the rest of this entry »